Thai Property Solicitors

Thailand Property Lawyer

If you are looking at buying property in Thailand you will need the services of a solicitor in Thailand. With offices in all the main city centers in Thailand, we at Siam Legal are best able to serve your needs. Looking at drafting a will , taking out a mortgage bond or worried about property […]

Property Law Changes

Over the past 4 years there have been many changes to property laws in Thailand. These changes have been set to provide protection to consumers. Let’s look at what those changes have been and how it has offered more protection to you the buyer. The first changes and very important changes have been in the […]

Property & Inheritance Tax

property law changes

Inheritance Tax and property has always been a sticky issue in the West when winding up an estate. One of the advantages about Thailand and property is the lack of inheritance taxes. With the changes in government, the Thai government had placed the issue of taxes on the back burner hoping to use the time […]

Mortgage Bonds in Thailand

Mortgage Bong in Thailand

Obtaining a mortgage bond for a property or any Real Estate in Thailand has always had its problems. The Financial Institution Business Act of 2008 was created to make mortgage bonds easier. The reason why the Act was created was two fold in design. Firstly, the Financial Institution Business Act of 2008 allowed foreign banks […]