Preparing a Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

A Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand is a legal document that can be created by two people before they enter into marriage. It usually lists all of the properties that each party owns (as well as any debts) and specifies what each party‚Äôs property rights will be after the marriage. A prenuptial agreement is generally considered […]

Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand is a process that requires the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. The first step is to discuss your needs with a qualified lawyer, so they can determine the best course of action for you. There are several divorce options available to you in Thailand, including uncontested and contested. Each type […]

Marriage in Thailand

A marriage in Thailand is a ceremony that is legally binding between two people. It is a special event that requires a lot of preparation. This is particularly true for foreign couples, who need to be familiar with Thai legalities and procedures, before deciding to marry in Thailand. As a result, it is important to […]